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  • The FX-Premium Series
  • Ceramic IR

The FX-Premium Series

  • Helps protect your belongings by blocking up to 95% of visible light into your vehicle
  • Non-metalized film won’t interfere with electronics, satellite radio, GPS or mobile devices, including 5G
  • Offers strong heat rejection, low reflectivity and ultraviolet (UV) protection at a price that works for you
  • Reduces up to 93% of the glare from blinding sunlight, allowing you to see better and concentrate more on driving
  • Choose from 7 different tint options.


Ceramic IR
  • Rejects up to 66% of total solar energy and provides up to 95% infrared rejection*, reducing the feel of the sun’s heat on your skin for optimal thermal comfort
  • Provides great infrared heat rejection due to the absorptive nano-ceramic technology
  • Metal-free design won’t interfere with electronics, GPS, satellite radio or mobile devices, including 5G
  • Available in multiple tint levels that block up to 95% of visible light to protect your privacy and valuables in the vehicle
  • Rejects up to 99.9% of ultraviolet (UV) light
  • Earns the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation
  • Ride in comfort and style. 3M™ Automotive Window Film Ceramic IR Series is a ceramic tint that offers great infrared rejection for optimal comfort and is available in an attractive neutral color.
  • Choose from 7 different tint options


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